Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Digital Empowerment Program?

This is a digital skills enhancement program to help you build your business online or transition into new jobs that match the new requirements of the market and your capabilities. Digital experts will help share knowledge and skills to help you achieve your goals. The program is suitable for all levels, ages and genders.

Why did L'Oréal create this program?

Skills in the digital field will help everyone have more chances to succeed in the new era, especially women. L’Oréal hopes to support 1 million women to improve their digital capabilities through this training program.

How can I join this program?

You just need to log in and activate your account, then start choosing your favorite topics and take your time to finish your studies.

How much does this program cost?

This is a program sponsored by L’Oréal and you do not have to pay any fees.

What will I learn from this program?

Knowledge is limitless and you will choose the level of knowledge acquisition and development in the digital field according to your desire. Through easy-to-understand and practical video tutorials from experts who understand your needs, you will accumulate and build your digital marketing skills to Build and operate an effective business online. You will learn how to understand your customers and harness the strengths of digital to achieve your desired business goals. Good luck!

Do I have to study in order of levels?

You can choose any lesson you like and the system will help you put it into your study plan so you can choose the most important content and skills. with you.

What is the requirement to complete the lesson?

At the end of each lesson there will be an assessment of the knowledge you have just completed, if you pass this section you will receive a star for this lesson.

Who is the instructor in the online learning programs and workshops ?

Digital industry experts will share knowledge through online lessons. Experts from L’Oréal with many years of experience and deep knowledge in the digital field have carried out many successful business campaigns and programs over the years in markets that will support them. support knowledge sharing through pre-announced Seminars so you can register to participate.

If I want to find support during my studies, where can I go?

You can go to the contact section to send questions or join a study group to talk directly with the program coordinator.